Welcome 2015!

I am excited for this year!  We have a new website!  We are adding to the herd, 18 new Suri Alpacas from a dear friend who is retiring and we will be working on our newest project, adding mill equipment.  Last year had quite a few ups and downs and this New Year feels fresh and bright!

Our winter has been mild, which we needed!  We had 12 baby Crias running around.  Most of our cria are now 6 months or older and they have developed their own unique personalities and I must say they are quite the crowd.   Honeybunch’s baby Rebel was the hit of our toenail clipping!  He was quite the character as we worked to trim Honey’s toenails.  Because of our mostly grassy fields we do this about 3 times a year and while not their favorite activity most alpacas tolerate the added attention.  Well this year Honey protested a little more than usual and Rebel was all about protecting mommy….charging, huffing and puffing out his chest….that is as long as you didn’t look at him!  Once you snuck a peek, he would jump back or take off and hide!  Way too cute!

Our little Claire is one of our smaller cria and most people only see her head as she peeks around mommy, curious but safe!  Nichol is now weaned, we lost her mom when she was 1 month….she is now 70 lbs. and very happy.  Mitzy is our biggest girl at 75 pounds and a beautiful Suri baby that looks just like her mom.  All of our cria are now between 40 lbs. and 75 lbs., all healthy and happy especially now that spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air! I look forward to chores, chores, chores!

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